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Best Friend’s Wedding - Yufta’s Top 5 Picks

  • By Yufta

It’s always a big deal when your best friend is getting married, isn’t it? The endless list of ideas and atmosphere of craziness, leaves no time for selecting the perfect set of outfits. After all, our best friend's wedding is the one event we wait for. We have penned down some trendy outfit ideas to make your search for the perfect attire just a little easier and make you look perfect on your friend’s big day.


  • Sarees With A Twist- Ditch the outdated sarees and go for some trendy off shoulder blouse and pair it with a saree of contrasting color. You can also go for pre-stitched sarees to save the hassle of draping it. It makes you look elegant and stylish at the same time.


  • Gowns- Gowns are a smart choice to wear at your best friend's wedding as they look trendy and fashionable. You can go for gowns with a traditional touch by selecting some rich shades with heavy embroidery or you can opt for modern day gowns with high side slit or off shoulder pieces.


  • Lehengas- Lehengas complete the ‘look’ for the wedding. They are elegant and beautiful.  You can opt for simple pastel toned lehengas to get a fresh feminine look or some dark toned outfit and go with a bold look.


  • Crop Top With Lehenga Skirt- Pair crop tops with heavy lehenga skirts to get a bright and festive look. Keep the jewelry quirky and your hair simple to make the outfit modern yet ethnic.


  • Short Anarkali Kurta With Dhoti Pants- Opt for the offbeat look with a short anarkali kurta and dhoti pants to get a chic look. Subtle colors with elegant embroidery can make a perfect outfit if you don’t want the hassle of handling heavy outfits and yet look classy.


Go for these fashionable outfits and leave no stone unturned to look gorgeous on your best friend’s special day.    


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