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A 5 Minute Kurti Style Guide For A Unique Look

  • By Yufta

Nothing beats the versatility of a kurti when it comes to the kind of comfort and style it offers. Kurtis have carved a niche in women’s closets as it makes them look classy and elegant at the same time. The best thing about a kurti is that it can give you a fusion look with its diverse designs, cuts and colours. Here is a 5-minute style guide for you which you can use the next time you go shopping for ethnic couture.

  • Slay Any Occasion with a Long Straight Kurti- Long straight kurtis can be worn on any occasion and are owned by everyone. It is a universal apparel that gives you a stylish yet professional look that can be paired with straight pants, leggings, etc.

  • Tail Cut Kurti-Tail cut kurtis can be worn at parties and other special occasions and they can be paired with cigarette pants for an uber trendy look. It can give you an elegant and funky look at the same time with its asymmetric hemlines.

  • The Most Popular A-Line Kurti - These kurtis look like the alphabet A, i.e., they are fitted at the top and flared at the bottom. They are available in many designs and styles that can be worn on different occasions.

  • Spark Up Your Style Quotient With Jacket Style Kurti - This style is very much in trend now as it heightens your stylish attire with a unique look. The jackets can be in varying lengths from a bolero to the one reaching your ankle.

  • The Classic Flared Kurti - These kurtis give women a chic yet elegant look which can be worn as a formal or a casual outfit. The hemline opens up like a skirt on both sides. It adds a little bounce to the outfit.

Get a flawless look with these trendy kurti styles and keep your fashion quotient on point by adding these different styles to your closet.

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