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5 Ways To Wear Kurtis

  • By Yufta
  • •  May 10, 2019

Do you ever feel like you belong to the I-have-nothing-to-wear club when you look at your wardrobe? Well, then it’s time to get innovative with your wardrobe rather than filling your closet with random new outfits every now and then. There’s no doubt in the fact that girls love wearing kurtis as they are stylish and fit perfectly in indo-western attire. Getting creative with these kurtis can add a fun element to the wardrobe as these can be styled in different ways, creating a different attire altogether.

We have penned down 5 ways to style your kurtis right here :

  • Pair It With A Palazzo- Pairing your kurti with palazzo pants is one of the most creative ways to flaunt your attire as palazzo pants are becoming popular with every passing day and are on the top of the fashion list. This chic combo makes your kurti look cooler and adds an extra oomph to the outfit with its flared hem.

  • Flaunt Your Curves Kurti And Skirt-This attire would definitely make you look feminine and vivacious. Opt for an ankle length or a long skirt and pair it with a kurti. It will definitely make you feel elegant and add glam to your outfit.

  • Kurti As A Dress- Go uber-fashionable by wearing your kurti as a maxi dress to rock the western look by transforming your ethnic wear into a western outfit. Make sure you select the right kurti to wear as a dress and go modern with a true blue ethnic attire.

  • Kurti With a Jeans-Go for a casual look by wearing your kurti with a pair of jeans. This attire is comfortable and makes you look sassy too.

  • Go formal With Kurti And Straight Pants-Get the perfect formal and indo-western look by pairing your kurti with straight pants. They can make your simple kurti look great and they are comfortable too.

You can style your kurti in more ways than one. It can make you look elegant and stylish at once. Make your existing outfits fun with these creative ideas and stay in trend with these tips.



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